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Micro Metakit 98202H


Precision and value

.... Whether you choose a brass kit or a finished model, you will always receive kits and models from Adler Modellbahnmanufaktur with the claim to offer you the best possible in detailing, aesthetics, function, production and precision. Our prefabricated models are manufactured with this own personal model-building standard. Our conversion kits are designed to offer you this precision in model making. Maximum detailing combined with pragmatic solutions that allow you to build your own dream model through easy to follow and accurate fitting designs.

High End Finescale Models in Brass and Bronze

....Our high-end finescale models in brass and bronze are uncompromising representations of the great prototype in the model. We use only the best materials and motors for our high-end finescale models. The gears used are high reduction gears and planetary gears without self-locking. For painting and lettering we use only the most modern methods, you will not find decals on our models. Tender inscriptions and driver's cab inscriptions are applied using the UV printing process. All assemblies are soldered, screwed or pressed.

Made in Germany

....all models and kits of the Adler Modellbahnmanufaktur are produced by hand in etching shops and foundries in Germany. Master models, constructions and finished models come without exception from our precision engineering workshop. Made in Germany is more than just a slogan for us. We feel deeply connected to the long tradition of craftsmanship in brass model making in Germany.